For new members, without rowing experience, De Maas offers a course Rowing Instruction. New members can apply for this course all year round.
The instruction starts the end of March or beginning of April. Since 2014 De Maas has redesigned this instruction and devided the course in three segments : to row in a group, a boat with a cox.
Then after the first exam at the end of June one can already practice in a group through the summer. In the summer one can learn how to row on tidal water, the Maas de Baas course. This course is obligatory.
In August a skiffing course starts. During this course rowers will be introduced to the Willem Alexanderbaan, a Olympic rowing venue.

This way of instruction leads to many new enthousiastic and well trained rowers joining De Maas rowing community.

New members who already have rowing experience can contact our Matcom or any of the other board members in the rowing section to find out if the experience is sufficient.

Rowing is a sport that can be practiced year round, even indoor is a possibility.

The Board hopes to welcome you in our boathouse alongside the Rotte.