[pb_row][pb_column span="span12"][pb_accordion el_title="Tour rowing" initial_open="1" multi_open="yes" filter="no" appearing_animation="0" ][pb_accordion_item heading="Tour rowing" ]De Maas organizes annually several rowing tours.
For participation you have to have experience to row in wherries, which is river rowing material. To acquire rowing disciplines in wherries De Maas offers the course Maas de Baas see section Rowing Instruction.
Openingstour takes place in the beginning of April at other rowingclubs in the Netherlands.
In May we have the Weekend Tour, sometimes this will be an international tour.
[/pb_accordion_item][pb_accordion_item heading="Read more" icon="icon-box-add" ]De Maas also has a national tour, which is called the IJsselmondetocht on a specific Sunday in the period from 21 of June until 30 September, depending on the tide of the rivers.
At the end of September or beginning of October the well-known Grachtentocht is rowed in Amsterdam, rowing on the canals in wherries of De Hoop is organized.

Special tours like the Lustrumtocht (2011) have brought rowers to the Thames and trough Gent. In 2015 the Voga Longa in Venice is organized. The next Lustrumtour will be in 2016.

All tours are announced properly in advance and subscription for these tours preferably go through the website.

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